Our Team Diversity and Experience Sets Us Apart

Robert C. Silkey


Robert C. Silkey is the founder and CEO of Einstein Industries, Inc., and its subsidiary Einstein Law. Mr. Silkey is responsible for directing product development and all aspects of marketing for the company. He has more than two decades of experience in Internet and search engine marketing for attorneys of all types.

Prior to founding Einstein Law, Mr. Silkey was director for Preferred Medicard in Ohio, regional vice president of A.L. Williams, and president of Med-A-Mark, where he was instrumental in establishing the company as one of the most successful and respected independent distribution companies in the country. As founder of American Medical Consultants, Mr. Silkey launched the first multi-specialty medical franchise in the United States.

Mr. Silkey is also responsible for the introduction of LawyerShop.com, the Internet's preeminent resource for people looking for legal help. He has continued to guide Einstein Law as it has developed into the nation's premier Internet marketing company for attorneys. All the while, under Mr. Silkey's leadership, Einstein Industries has remained true to its overriding goal: to provide a trustworthy link between consumers and the most reputable legal professionals in the nation. He received his undergraduate training in marketing at Eastern Kentucky University.

Ted Ricasa


Since joining Einstein Industries in 1998, Ted Ricasa has served many roles within the company, ranging from director of marketing to vice president, climbing the ranks until he reached his current position of president.

He began his career at Einstein by establishing the company's marketing department, and he continues to oversee technical and marketing specifications for the company's products. During his tenure, he has been integral to shaping the company's marketing strategies, managerial and workflow structure, corporate philosophy, and overall business model. In addition to overseeing virtually every aspect of Einstein's daily operations, Mr. Ricasa has been responsible for forging strategic partnerships between Einstein and the Internet's leading search engine companies, including Google™, Yahoo!®, MSN®, and AOL. He was also responsible for establishing Einstein's pioneering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) product and continues to lead its ongoing evolution. He remains at the forefront of the company's aggressive development of new, innovative products and technologies.

Before joining Einstein Industries, Mr. Ricasa served as a key member of the strategic planning committees of two successful political campaigns: Juan Carlos Vargas for the San Diego City Council and Warren Furatani for the Los Angeles School Board. While studying political science at San Diego State University, he developed a keen entrepreneurial spirit, which has guided him through multiple successful business endeavors.

Dennis Gerasimenko

Vice President of Information Technology

Since being named director of information technology in 2004, Dennis Gerasimenko has had a significant impact on Einstein's IT operations. In an effort to increase efficiency, Mr. Gerasimenko restructured the IT department, hiring approximately 65 percent of its current staff and reorganizing project time allocation to meet deadlines. Mr. Gerasimenko also co-founded Einstein's technical support department and currently oversees the company's system administration and internal development teams. He plays a vital role by regularly advising the company's executives on the latest trends in information technology.

Mr. Gerasimenko began his career in information technology as a freelance graphic designer and web developer, which led him to employment opportunities at Internet marketing firm Intrasell and web development company Bytes On-Line. He was subsequently hired by Einstein Industries, where his Linux expertise allowed him to develop the first dynamically driven version of LawyerShop®, the core Internet property of Einstein law. Mr. Gerasimenko then created the Einstein Information System (EIS), Einstein's customer relations and asset management application; IMPACT, one of the first email marketing and mailing list management programs to hit the market; and VAB Mail, Einstein's successful web mail system.

Prior to pursuing a career in information technology, Mr. Gerasimenko earned degrees in architecture from the Kharkov State College of Architecture and the Ukrainian Academy of Art.