Make Your Dream Firm a Reality with SEO

Whether you are trying to bring in more cases of a certain type or increase your overall caseload, search engine optimization (SEO) provides the foundation you need.

Control Your Reputation

When potential clients are doing online research on you and your law firm, they will definitely find something. Don’t let a review site determine your reputation.

Take control of your online image. A strong SEO strategy will not only drive potential clients to your website but ensure that your message is delivered precisely as you intend it.

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Inspire Trust in Referrals

Whenever your peers or past clients refer cases to you, you can bet that your potential new clients are looking for information about you online. They want to know that you have the skills and history of success to handle their cases successfully.

If your website provides comprehensive, accessible education relevant to their cases, it will be more easily found and will instill confidence and trust in them.

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Outrank Your Competition

People who are in dire need of legal representation don’t have the luxury of time. In many cases, they need help so desperately that they will accept it from the first reputable source they find on the Internet. If that source isn’t you, it will be one of your competitors.

Don’t let that happen. Being found online will allow you to get in front of your competitors and establish yourself as the premier attorney in your area.

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Is your website benefiting from proper SEO implementation?

Great Content Wins

Our in-house writing team produces the comprehensive, relevant, and timely content you need in order to be found on the search engines.

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If you want to be found for a certain topic, you need to make sure that it is covered in detail on your site. This will signal to Google that your site is a valuable educational resource for people searching for information on that topic.

The more information you provide that your competition doesn’t, the more likely you are to be found.

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If you devote a page to a certain practice area, it should be entirely focused on providing education about that practice area.

Giving prospective clients the precise information they’re looking for improves the chances that they’ll contact your firm.

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The most useful educational resources are consistently updated to reflect the ever-changing legal landscape.

By keeping your content up-to-date with the latest legal information, you reinforce your reputation as a respected, highly knowledgeable authority on the law.

Beware of Over-Optimization

If users cannot tell what a web page is about because its title and headers are crammed with keywords, then their needs are not being properly met. Google hates keyword stuffing and now openly penalizes sites that are over-optimized, making way for valuable information resources to rise to the top.

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Help Google to Help Yourself

Well-written legal content will take concepts that many people find complex or intimidating and deliver them in an accessible, generally sympathetic manner. It will compel users to stay on the page and eventually to visit other pages of the site. Such user engagement is measured by Google and rewarded with increased visibility on the Internet.

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We Create Great Content

At Einstein Law, our in-house content development team comprises writers and editors that know how to reach your audience and provide them with clear answers to their questions in a professional yet compassionate tone. The content will be properly optimized to appeal both to your potential clients and the search engines.

The result? No SEO tricks or gimmicks. Just content that converts.

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Is your website's content as great as your practice?

Google Listens to Social Signals

To attract more new clients, our in-house experts optimize your social media strategy to direct powerful social signals to Google.

Reviews, shares, Likes, and +1’s are reputable social signals that can be traced to real people.

These natural signals are among the fastest rising factors in Google's algorithm and are fundamental to any successful SEO campaign.

Why You Need Social Media

Link Building Is for Dummies

Google hates link schemes, and penalizes websites that use them to cheat the system. Harshly. We will never propose a strategy that could put your law firm at risk.

Organic links, however, are as powerful as ever.

People want to link to the same comprehensive, relevant, and timely content that Google rewards.

Users naturally want to share great content with others.

You’ll gain valuable links when users share your great educational content, compelling blog posts, and newsworthy press releases on social media sites.

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What Is the Cost of Doing SEO?

The road to a successful SEO strategy can be confusing. The cost of your customized strategy will depend on your answers to several important questions:

  • How competitive is your marketplace?
  • What types of clients are you looking for?
  • How aggressive do you want to be?
  • How effective is your current SEO strategy?
  • Are you at risk of being or have you already been penalized by Google?

We Have the Answers

A complimentary consultation will map out the answers to these questions and set you on the road toward the SEO strategy that is right for you.

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