Google Loves Social Media

One of the best ways to improve your Google rankings and increase traffic to your website is to send out a steady stream of social signals.

The more active you are on a variety of social networks, the more likely you will be seen by prospective clients and referral sources.

Radio relay tower transmitting social signals, represented by social media icons

Amplify Your Brand

Social media gives law firms the ability to increase their audience of potential clients exponentially. When one of your contacts shares your content, it gets passed along to their contacts.

This cycle of sharing can continue through countless friends and followers, extending your reach as no other marketing medium can.

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Social Media Is Always Open

Your message and brand are continually being amplified across the social universe, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Giving your current and prospective clients the opportunity to engage with you improves the likelihood that they will share your content with people with whom they’re connected.

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Develop Real Relationships

When you engage in social media, you have the chance to develop real relationships with real people.

While Internet, television, radio, and print ads direct a message to an audience, a strong social campaign lets you establish dialogues with people who are interested in your legal services.

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Optimize Your Return on Investment

If you are looking for maximum bang for your marketing buck, social media delivers immediately and keeps delivering over time. Once you start the ball rolling, your followers will take it from there.

When you share your written, visual, and video content, you will raise your online profile while attracting new clients.

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Build Trust with Clients

By delivering a consistent message using your logo and photos of you and your team, you can build trust with both current and future clients.

Ultimately, your social campaign will extend your brand while promoting confidence in it among your clients.

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Overflow Your “Rolodex”

Your virtual Rolodex is filled with information about your past clients, peers, and personal acquaintances.

Through social media, you can connect not only with all the people in your Rolodex, but with all of the people in theirs, and so on. You’ll develop a network of contacts that is virtually boundless.

Old-school Rolodex, albeit in drawn form

It Pays to Be Popular

While you are being social, chances are good that many of your competitors will remain wallflowers, whether by choice or lack of resources.

Let other law firms make excuses while you make your firm even stronger through a robust, active social media strategy.

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How is your social strategy performing?

What Is the Cost of Social Media?

The road to a successful social media strategy can be confusing. The cost of your customized strategy will depend on your answers to several vital questions:

  • How competitive is your marketplace?
  • What types of clients do you hope to attract to your firm?
  • How aggressive do you want to be?
  • How effective is your current social strategy?
  • Are you at risk of being or have you already been penalized by Google?

We Have the Answers

A complimentary consultation will map out the answers to these questions and set you on the road toward the social strategy that is right for you.

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