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Virtual Tours Let You Make an Impression — Any Time of Day

Take a virtual tour of this lawyer's offices. Just click.
You no longer have to wait until a potential client walks in the door to make a great first impression. 
Google has taken its "Street View," where you wander up and down a city street, and brought it inside so that prospective clients can "walk" through your practice, from the reception area to a conference room.
Imagine the impact of giving people who don’t know about your practice the ability to walk through your front door and experience the personality of your office right now? All from the comfort of their own living room.
These virtual tours, once called Google Business View and now referred to as Street View Trusted, convey what words cannot. Virtual tours allow people to see for themselves what you offer in the way of quality and professionalism. They are far more persuasive than carefully crafted text, which may be construed as suspect. But seeing is believing.

Be Seen in More Places

Virtual tours visually enhance your website, but the benefits don't stop there. The virtual tour is eye-catching imagery that promotes your presence throughout the Googlesphere … and beyond. 
A big plus is that a virtual tour isn't limited to your own corner of the Internet. You are free to use it in other domains and in social media, such as Facebook, expanding your presence beyond the confines of your website.
Another plus: Street View Trusted virtual tours are integrated with Google so you reap all the benefits. The tour appears in the page-dominating Knowledge Panel when your location is selected on Google Maps. Additionally, the user-friendly Knowledge Panel is linked to the Local Pack, Google’s highlighted list of local services that appears prominently near the top of search results.
The image below shows how, by clicking on the Local Pack in Google's search results, the screen switches to Google Maps.
Then the Knowledge Panel automatically opens, dominating the page. Clicking on the "See Inside" image in the Knowledge Panel opens up the tour. 

Benefits of the Virtual Tour

Get Discovered
Virtual tours are visually enticing. They engage potential clients when they are still in the decision process, giving them confidence in your practice and how it is run. Unlike 360º pictures, these tours let the user guide the action, providing the visual proof that photos lack since, as we all know, select camera angles can mask reality. 

Set Yourself Apart
The virtual tour’s interactivity sets you apart from the competition by engaging prospective clients and creating a lasting memory. Rather than landing on your page and bouncing off to another website, a virtual tour lets visitors interact with your website as they guide themselves around your reception area and down the hall. 

Rather than landing on your page and bouncing off to another website, a virtual tour lets visitors interact with your website as they guide themselves around. 
Consider how this compares with the typical website, where text and a static photo are the standard fare. Which practice would you remember the next day?  

Accessible 24 Hours a Day
Your high-tech tour is accessible on mobile phones, tablets, and computers, giving visitors a personal tour 24 hours a day, the ultimate "open door" policy that is both reassuring and persuasive.


Simple. Fast. Affordable.
Simply contact us for a quote. Schedule your photo shoot. Then go get a cup of coffee.

We take care of all the details, including uploading your tour so it is available in Google Maps and on your website. The results are live in just a few weeks.

Get Started

Work with Professionals
By using our Google Trusted Photographer, you are assured of quality results. Google certified photographers are trained and approved photographers who have the skill and equipment to produce the high quality imagery that Google demands.

We also ensure your tour is properly integrated with Google so you reap all the benefits. Improper implementation can erode your Local SEO.

One and You're Done
Google Street View Trusted is a one-time investment and there is no subscription fee. In addition to the virtual tour images, our photographer takes 10 extra photos of your choice. This is a great opportunity to introduce your team using quality portraits.

All the images are yours to own and use wherever you like, including in printed publications such as brochures.

Insider Tip

As valuable as a virtual tour is, it's important that you don't let this window of opportunity snap shut before you take advantage of it.
In the world of Google, being an early adopter has its advantages. 
In the world of Google, being an early adopter has its advantages. That's because Google is known for offering services, such as virtual tours, and rewarding early adopters with a boost in search results. But once everyone has crowded onto the bandwagon, the novelty wears off and that extra exposure in search results ebbs as the market becomes saturated.
The adage may be old, but it still fits: The early bird gets the worm.
If the advantages of virtual tours intrigue you and you would like to know more, feel free to call us at (800) 650-0003 to learn all the details about Google Street View Trusted. Or simply fill out the form below.