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Einstein Law Announces Launch of Redesigned LawyerShop

LawyerShop LogoEinstein Law has announced the launch of a redesigned version of LawyerShop, their lawyer directory and review site featuring legal information for consumers. 

The directory component is built upon a new, more inclusive model that has resulted in the addition of thousands of qualified lawyers from throughout the country to the LawyerShop database. As always, users are able to search from the database according to area of law and geographical location. However, the improved search function makes it easier for them to find an attorney from the thousands that have been added to LawyerShop.

The updated design is modern and clean, but Einstein Law’s goal was not simply to improve the aesthetics of LawyerShop. The primary objective was to make the directory more intuitive and easier to use, both on mobile devices and desktop computers, with an emphasis on connecting users with the legal representation they need.

Perhaps most significantly, the process of finding a lawyer has been made simpler for users.  Through multiple types of location detection, the user’s zip code is now automatically prefilled whenever a search is conducted. Likewise, the system is able to auto-select the specific kind of lawyer the user is likely searching for based on the educational content he or she is viewing. Users now have the opportunity to refine their searches however they wish, but the majority will be able to find relevant results with only a single click.

Users also now have the opportunity to rate and review attorneys using the proprietary patent-pending AccuRate™ rating-and-review system. AccuRate features fair, balanced ratings and reviews from actual clients of attorneys listed in the directory.

The redesigned navigation of LawyerShop has two primary purposes: to make it easy for users to search for qualified lawyers in their local areas and to present them with quality educational content about the law. The navigation, including search, is optimized for all screen sizes and devices, from desktop to mobile.

The legal education content is highlighted in a collapsible menu located in the top left-hand corner of every page within the website. The most popularly searched topics are conveniently listed in the menu. Users can also search the educational section for the topic in which they are interested.

The education section itself has been streamlined, with each page featuring a single column of content free from ads and other sidebar distractions common to many commercial websites. As with every element of the redesigned website, the education pages are optimized to appeal to a mobile audience. This audience has become increasingly important in recent years as, according to the Pew Research Center, 10 percent of Americans “own a smartphone but do not have any other form of high-speed internet access at home beyond their phone’s data plan.” (1)

“We want to give the people what they’re looking for, first and foremost,” stated Robert Silkey, chairman and CEO of Einstein Law. “Most of them are looking for legal help. We don’t want to put anything in the way of them finding the qualified lawyers in our directory. For the users who do want information about the law, it’s there, and we make it easy to find, too. But we’ve put a lot of thought into making this a better experience for users all around.”

Currently, there is no charge for a qualified attorney to be listed in LawyerShop. However, Einstein Law offers paid upgrades that will allow lawyers to improve their visibility in the directory.

“As always, we only work with the best legal professionals in the country,” said Ted Ricasa, president of Einstein Law. “People can trust that we are placing only the most skilled and trusted attorneys in the directory.”

The newly revamped LawyerShop can be viewed at www.lawyershop.com.

For further information contact:

CherylAnn Morgan

Einstein Industries


(858) 362-4934

Source: http://www.pewinternet.org/2015/04/01/us-smartphone-use-in-2015/ (1)