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How to Use Social Media for the Mass Torts Made Perfect Spring Seminar

Einstein Law created this simple dashboard to help you be a part of the Mass Torts Made Perfect Spring Seminar 2016... whether you attend or not.

Einstein Law monitors news & commentary related to the Mass Torts Made Perfect Spring Seminar across various channels. We then share the most relevant posts through our @Einstein_MTMP Twitter feed to create a consolidated news source for the event.

We also created a public Twitter list composed of MTMP 2016 speakers who are active on Twitter. Both of these LIVE news feeds are embedded below and will help you stay current on this pivotal mass tort industry event.

How to Use the Event Dashboard

  1. Bookmark this page so you can quickly find it again
  2. See below for  list of MTMP resources
  3. Below these resources, find two live Twitter news feeds
  4. Scroll within the live Twitter feeds to view more posts
  5. Interact with Twitter posts directly from these feeds (Twitter account required to reply, share, and like posts. How to Set-Up a Twitter Account)

MTMP Spring Seminar 2016 Resources

Einstein Law's MTMP Event News Feed

Stay tuned to this feed before, during, and after the event.

MTMP Speaker News Feed

This feed includes posts by MTMP 2016 speakers.

Going to MTMP? Stop by Einstein Medical's booth #64 to discuss strategies to grow your mass tort practice.