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Minimalist Designs That Speak Volumes

Einstein Law concluded 2016 by unveiling nine new sites, all using our Thesis themes. These themes are designed specifically for mobile devices, but with sophisticated formatting capabilities that make it a rewarding user experience on every device.

Each stands as an example of the new mindset our industry has had to adopt following the revelation that the majority of those shopping for literally anything online prefer to use a mobile device. The question on many designers’ minds was: How do we go from designing sites for the ample canvas of a desktop computer screen to something the size of a playing card without sacrificing the personality, engagement, and overall delivery of information? In essence, the answer was a notion that had been changing every facet of technology for more than a decade: Keep it as absolutely simple as possible, but present the bare essentials in a way that is inviting and intuitive. Meanwhile, it was also crucial to make pages able to load as fast as possible under any circumstance by keeping image resolution and other elements economical without compromising the user experience.

Our Vertex theme, for example, employs a lean, elegant font against a stark white background to optimize readability on tablets, smartphones, mobile gaming devices, and desktop machines alike. Meanwhile, a beautiful and atmospheric hero image greets the reader with an engaging headline. In the case of David L. Martin’s new site, the firm is introduced using a tasteful image of the Brooklyn Bridge. A deep navy blue offsets the black and white text passages, bookending the clean layout that provides the reader with plenty of opportunities to learn more about the service they need.

As the user explores the site, a simple bar labeled “Menu” follows along at the top margin, ready to give a linear presentation of the sitemap with just a touch.

Thesis themes are built to meet the needs of both current and prospective clients when they need legal help the most - when they least expect it and are away from the comforts of home. Use the links below to see for yourself how one year after “Mobilegeddon,” Einstein Law is helping clients become supremely accessible in an evolved online marketplace.


Client: Law Offices of David L. Martin, ESQ., PC  

Website URL: http://www.dmartinesq.com

CMS Lucid: Vertex / Vesuvius


Client: Steve Swain / Shuttleworth Ruloff Giordano & Swain  

Website URL: http://www.stephenswainlaw.com

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Azurite


Client: Rombro & Associates  

Website URL: http://www.rombrolaw.com/

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Azurite


Client: Murphy Law Firm  

Website URL: http://www.murphylawoffice.net

CMS Lucid: Monarch / Laurel


Client: Mauk Miller, LLC  

Website URL: http://www.idahojustice.com

CMS Lucid: Plaza | Azurite


Client: Troutman Law Firm  

Website URL: http://www.muir-troutman.com

CMS Lucid: Plaza | Azurite


Client: Frank Tournour

Website URL: http://www.newjerseydivorceattorney.com

CMS Lucid: Plaza | Aquamarine


Client: Hepworth, Janis & Kluksdal, CHTD  

Website URL: http://www.hepworthlaw.com

CMS Lucid: Acclaim / Blue Spruce


Client: Saunders Law Office  

Website URL: http://www.saunders-law.com

CMS Lucid: Acclaim | Blue Spruce