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The New Online Home of Randy Michel, Esq.

This month, Einstein Law launched the completely refurbished randymichel.com, the new online home of the Law Office of Randy Michel. As a board-certified attorney who devotes his practice to family law, estate planning, and elder law, it is absolutely crucial to project a careful balance of client education, conversion opportunities, and compassion. Clients in need of his services deserve a base understanding of the complexities surrounding these delicate matters. They also need to know that their attorney has the empathy to truly comprehend their best interests and the ability to uphold those interests in court or in mediation.

With these objectives in mind, we at Einstein Law created this site using the Acclaim theme with Rosewood trim. Regardless of the device being used to view the site, high-definition images of people in the kinds of situations requiring an attorney such as Mr. Michel remain clearly displayed and unobtrusive. A summary of his credentials greets the user as they scroll down through the homepage. An image of his office helps to further communicate a welcoming and home-like feel.

The copy eschews the no-nonsense feel of a serif font for a rounded typeface that projects a feeling of warmth and approachability. For maximum readability, the copy is presented against a bright white background while plum accents contribute to the welcoming tone that the site needs to convey.

Throughout the site, the content is presented with an emphasis on user education. Meanwhile, a tasteful use of stock photos conveys sensitivity. The effect helps to communicate that Mr. Michel understands the very difficult nature of some of these cases. This is accomplished in a way that is never heavy-handed or distracting.

When the online marketing industry suddenly found itself having to design sites that cater to mobile users first, the comparatively tiny canvas that mobile screens present was widely perceived as a constraint. Today, Einstein Law has learned to work within these parameters as just another manifestation of the vast palette that is possible when imagination and ingenuity rise to meet a challenge. We invite you to take a moment to explore Mr. Michel’s site to see for yourself how Einstein is leading the way in helping law firms stand apart in the online marketplace.