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July 2018: Three New Sites

With temperatures reaching record highs across North America, it’s only natural to want to want to kick back, relax, and take it easy. However, at Einstein Law, it’s our nature to power through the dog days to help firms become more prominent and successful through cutting-edge online marketing solutions. The sun wasn’t taking any breaks and neither were we as we managed to launch three new sites in July.

Leahy Law is a father-and-son firm in Tacoma, WA, that has been providing services to personal injury victims for almost 40 years. They have been valued clients of ours for several years now, and we most recently worked together with them to give their site a striking aesthetic upgrade.


This digital facelift was achieved using our Vogue template with the Ocean color scheme. Users are now greeted with a looping video showing  Patrick Leahy and Brice Leahy in action in their offices, helping clients to pursue compensation following injury.

In helping clients to grow their practices, it’s not always a matter of starting from scratch. Sometimes adding a new wing to the manor, so to speak, is exactly what clients need. In July, we created a new video site for the Lohman Law Offices, P.S.C.

lohman law video site


Per our Gold Package services, we sent a video team to create 11 videos for Lohman. After each video was edited and completed, we placed them in an easy-to-navigate new section of their site. Each video was transcribed and optimized to help them become prominent on search engines.

We also helped Douglas & London, P.C. move into an entirely new website. Their new online home was built in the Acclaim template with a Blue Spruce color scheme. We created an entirely new home page to introduce the user to an information-rich site that includes 35 pages migrated from the former site, along with 25 all-new pages.

Whether you have been in practice for decades or just opening your doors, Einstein Law can help place you in contact with the clients who need your services the most. We are constantly developing meaningful ways to help firms at any stage in their legacy to improve their marketing efforts. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help you stand taller than your competition in today’s online marketplace.

Client: Leahy Law / Leahy Law Personal Injury Attorneys

Website URL: https://www.personalinjuryattorneytacomawa.com/

CMS Lucid: Vogue / Ocean


Client: Sean Lohman / The Lohman Law Offices, P.S.C.  

Website URL: https://www.lohmanlaw.com

Video Website URL: https://www.lohmanlaw.com/video


Client: Michael London / Douglas & London, P.C.  

Website URL: https://www.douglasandlondon.com/

CMS Lucid: Acclaim / Blue Spruce