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The New Online Homes of Partovi Law and Ganong Law

This month, Einstein Law is pleased to announce the launch of two all-new client sites. We are passionate about helping firms stand apart from their competition by turning their websites into immersive experiences that can make all the difference between ongoing hardship and a comforting resolution to a challenging life event, such as suffering an injury due to the negligence of another party. Law sites fall into a special category known as YMML, or "your money, your life." In other words, the services you provide can have a profound effect on a client's quality of life. Therefore, you can expect that Google is scrutinizing your site much more closely than some of the lighter fare on the internet. That's where Einstein Law comes in - we stand ready to give your site the credible and truly beneficial information your site needs in order to not only provide a substantial resource to those who need you the most, but to also demonstrate to Google that you have done the legwork necessary to make your site worthwhile.

Created using our handsome Flux Paralucent theme, attorney David Partovi's new site is built for speed in every way: It loads fast on any device, it delivers user-friendly information that can be absorbed at a glance, and it can put you in touch with Mr. Partovi's office with just a touch. We invite you to take a moment to explore how Mr. Partovi's new site is making it easier than ever for the people who need his services to become valued clients:


Ganong Law joined us earlier this year in creating a revamped online presence using our Flux theme. The robust site has 16 pages of original content relating to his practice areas of personal injury, workplace discrimination, oil and gas law, and more.


If your firm wants to become more visible in its market, Einstein Law is here to help. Reach out to us anytime to learn how we can stand out among your competitors. Our team would love the opportunity to explain why so many attorneys are turning to us to enhance their online marketing, and how we can use our cutting-edge approach to give your firm the visibility it deserves.