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A Whole New Experience at joehorroxlaw.com

In September, Einstein Law delivered an entirely refurbished joehorroxlaw.com, which now offers more in-depth content, engaging visuals, and a number of features designed to help users establish a sense of trust in Joe Horrox Law.

Joe Horrox is a personal injury attorney based in Daytona Beach, Florida. In addition to representing victims of all types of vehicle accidents, wrongful death, and premises liability, he and attorney Anna Handy also handle immigration, debt settlement, and bankruptcy. Mr. Horrox has provided legal services to the area for more than 30 years, but in the digital age, a strong website is a necessity no matter how established a firm might be. 

An outstanding user experience is what signals to Google and other search engines that a site deserves visibility, and our Forever Websites are designed to make every visit to our client's sites informative, persuasive, and ultimately worthwhile. Last month, we helped give Joe Horrox Law enhancements that give users a sense of why this firm is worth considering when difficult legal situations arise.

Joe Horrox' new homepage greets users with a striking looping video that juxtaposes scenes of goings-on within the office with familiar regional scenes of Daytona Bike Week, as well as footage of the types of vehicle accidents Mr. Horrox and Ms. Handy help victims recover from. 

The homepage also wastes no time in introducing the user to Ms. Handy and Mr. Horrox with high-resolution photographs and brief biographies that both link to more in-depth pages dedicated to the details of their unique backgrounds.

attorney bios

Ms. Handy is originally from Belarus and speaks Russian. This allows the firm to communicate in a way that some clients are more comfortable with, and so we have made this feature prominent on the home page, alongside the fact that they offer free consultations.

we speak russian

In-depth content is essential to providing a great user experience. Joe Horrox Law already had more than 50 pages of original content detailing the firm's many services, and we migrated them into the new site. Meanwhile, Mr. Horrox is taking advantage of our proprietary syndicated library to provide an even greater amount of information and give virtually any user the answers they need. 


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