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AI for Attorney Websites: Use Data to Optimize Client Acquisition

The AI Advantage: Insight

We all know that clicks in an ill-conceived Google Ads campaign can burn through a marketing budget like a California wildfire. 

The conundrum: You have to advertise. You need clicks. But how do you avoid the budget-draining clicks from tire kickers?

And the threat to your budget doesn't end there. If you're a novice and managing Google Ads yourself, it doesn't take long for a bidding expert to pick you out in the ad lineup.

They can quickly peg what you're paying for ad visibility and they know just what it takes to get your ads to blow through your budget ... and go dark.

Then, on the cheap, they get their own ads to show up in your place. (Give us a call if you want to understand how you got played. We're happy to share.)

Of course, there is another option for running an ad campaign in Google. You can just sit back and let Google spend your money.

There's gotta be a better way. And there is: Artificial Intelligence.

AI provides a 24/7 command center that puts into motion a digital quarterback to look out for your best interests and bottom line, always optimizing for lower cost per clicks, better click through rates, and lower cost per lead. 

AI for Small Practices

What was once available only to companies with deep pockets, AI is now within reach of legal practices regardless of size thanks to Einstein's eIQ Engine. We use our AI to:   

  • Increase Client Acquisitions

The Einstein eIQ Engine constantly reviews thousands of sources and determines where valuable high traffic sources rich with prospects in your target demographic exist. It then aggressively optimizes your budget to get more of what you want…new clients.

  • Lower Cost of Acquisition

The eIQ Engine doesn’t just look for leads; it looks for leads that book appointments. When you spend your valuable marketing dollars on traffic with intent to act, you lower your cost per client acquired.

Let's take a look at how AI optimizes ad campaigns and then explain how AI is the foundation for "intelligent" content development to attract more clients.

AI-Powered Advertising

By analyzing huge dumps of data ... quickly ... AI optimizes when and where ads should appear. Instead of showing up in front of every Tom, Dick, and Harry, AI positions ads in front of the right prospect at the right time. 

Using structured intelligence, the eIQ Engine employs predictive modeling to determine: 

✔  The best time of day to display ads

✔  Search terms that indicate higher-value customers

✔  Search patterns that identify when and where to focus efforts

And the benefits grow over time. As AI collects new data and refines processes, it continues to learn and improve outcomes as well as adapt to real-time shifts in consumer behavior.


The eIQ Engine's Benefits

AI-Powered Content for Websites

The eIQ Engine intelligently guides development of website content too. By tracking online behavior, the eIQ Engine has its finger on the digital pulse of readers: What they search for. The terms they use when searching. What piques their interest.

That data then guides development of engaging Premium SEO Content to drive website traffic and client acquisition. 

But the eIQ Engine takes content development a step further.

Instead of relying on the fuzzy math of "just add more content," our AI calibrates what specific competitors in your market are doing so that we can quantify just how much content you need to overtake them. And because we can do this for each case type, we have the granular data needed to focus your marketing budget on the specific services that feed your bottom line.

The Human Touch

AI is clearly a boon for getting an edge over competitors, but if all it took for success was plugging into a supercomputer everyone could just go home.

The human touch still matters because, at least for now, AI doesn't have all the answers.  

Einstein, with  25 years of online marketing experience, fills the gaps by pairing the speed and real-time intelligence of its eIQ Engine with the human touch: Skilled designers, writers, and analysts well-versed in the needs of attorneys.

Our designers and writers create pages that visually entice readers down the page, anticipating their questions and sprinkling "thumb stoppers" throughout to create digital stopping points that engage readers scrolling down a page.

And let's put an asterisk next to the word "engage." Google's own AI, RankBrain, has changed how Google evaluates your website by putting a new emphasis on capturing people's attention.

Using the greater capacity of AI, Google doesn't just judge what's on your website ... but also how people react to your website. And ranks your website accordingly. 

Now, more than ever, to attract Google's attention, you need to attract readers' attention.

Or, as Google guru John Mueller puts it: Be Awesome.

Google Guru John Mueller on Ranking Factors

I hear you. "Awesomeness" is a slick bit of marketese. But what does it mean? 

Let's put it in real-world terms. "Awesomeness" in the Googleshere means creating content that's flat-out better than your peers and packed with eye-candy that is engaging: looping videos, animations, and iconography. It's a little art, a little science ... and a bit of psychology.

How to Start?

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