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Introducing a Brand New Legal Website

In November, Einstein Law launched a brand new premium website for The Law Offices of Jason Trumpler. Mr. Trumpler is a well-known criminal defense attorney in Austin, TX, with an emphasis on DWI defense.

When searchers arrive on Mr. Trumpler’s new website, they are greeted with a sleek, modern-looking homepage that features a high-quality video of the Texas State Capitol building. The quality of the video shows visitors that this is a well-established practice, while the choice to include the State Capitol building indicates an affinity for the lawyer’s town.

Over the years, Einstein Law has recognized that the most effective trust-builder on a legal website is a record of favorable verdicts and settlements. Mr. Trumpler has been practicing law for nearly 20 years, so he has an extensive history of big wins for his clients. His new website highlights that right away, as the first section of the homepage invites the user to “View Our Victories.”

The entire site features a consistent color palette and design scheme that is both professional and non-threatening. The homepage includes a few professional photos of Mr. Trumpler, so potential clients can familiarize themselves with him before they call for a consultation. The homepage also features real client reviews pulled from the law firm’s Google account. Including real five-star reviews is a great way to build trust and exhibit authenticity to searchers.

Notice that all of the sections on the homepage are brief and focused on a specific topic. Additionally, many of the sections are bullet-point style lists featuring high-quality images and icons. Einstein Law uses this technique of content presentation because it is what the modern internet-user wants to see.

When users land on a law firm’s website, they don’t want to see a long block of text they have to read. Modern internet-searchers scan webpages to find the content that interests them. If they can’t find it easily and quickly, they will leave the site. That’s why it is important to include bold headlines, evocative imagery, and clear organization of information.

Of course, Mr. Trumpler’s site, like every site Einstein Law now produces, is designed to be mobile-friendly. In today’s age, more people are accessing sites like this from their mobile devices than from desktop computers. It is imperative that a website in 2019 is able to adapt to small screen sizes and is designed to give users an easy mobile experience.

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