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A Brand New Website for the Foley Law Firm

The Foley Law Firm is a personal injury and medical malpractice firm in northeastern and central Pennsylvania. This year, their attorneys decided it was time to revamp their SEO strategy. They asked Einstein Law to build a brand new website that would look modern, rank highly on Google, and turn first-time visitors into clients. Einstein Law surpassed their expectations with our newest Forever Website.

Premium Design

The web designers at Einstein Law are the best in the business. They have mastered the art of creating pages that feature engaging aesthetics and high-quality imagery without sacrificing page load speed.

For the Foley Law Firm, Einstein Law incorporated their brand’s colors throughout the site, creating a sense of professionalism and consistency. Additionally, the homepage of the site breaks up more text-heavy sections with relevant stock photos and images of the practice, giving users a break from reading and improving the organization of the content.

Data-Driven SEO Strategies

The Forever Websites of Einstein Law are built to perform exceptionally on search engines. One way we do this is creating every Forever Website with a responsive design, meaning that the site adapts to different screen sizes. In 2020, most visitors to legal websites are searching on their smartphones, and Google has recognized this trend, rewarding mobile-friendly sites.

Every decision Einstein Law makes when creating a new Forever Website is informed by data. We use the most sophisticated SEO programs available to analyze pages that perform well for certain Google searches, such as “personal injury attorney,” and create pages that better align with search intent. In addition, we use Google search data to advise our clients on what sort of content they should create for their websites. Beyond that, we also regularly examine the data from our own websites to determine what kind of content is attracting searchers and driving conversions. 

Turning Prospects into Clients

Everyone loves a beautiful website, but if it doesn’t turn prospective clients into actual clients, it’s not a good investment for a law firm. Einstein Law understands that attorneys want to see their businesses grow through internet marketing, and we help them do just that with Forever Websites.

Our commitment to helping our clients become more profitable begins with our onboarding process. When new clients join Einstein Law, our client success team commits to learning everything about their practice and what makes them different. This allows us to create personalized websites that don’t look like they were made with a template. On the Foley Law Firm’s new homepage, there are multiple sections dedicated to what sets their firm apart and why visitors should give them a call.

Einstein Law also helps convert searchers into clients by including just the right amount of calls to action. Websites that bombard visitors with “Contact Us” buttons can turn off potential clients, but sites that give no opportunity for contacting the practice are not a worthwhile investment. After 25 years in the business, Einstein Law has mastered finding the sweet spot between being too “salesy” and being too vague.

Improve Your Firm’s Web Presence Today

Einstein Law exists to make your law firm more accessible, visible, and profitable through data-informed marketing strategies. If you think you could be seeing more business come through your website, contact us today to learn more about what a Forever Website could do for you.