Blog: Settings

The basic settings to your blog from your Blog Title to your Time Zone can be edited and adjusted from this view. You may not visit this tab often, but it is important to ensure your blog is accurately set up. If you are unsure of any changes, please contact your Einstein Representative for assistance. Below are the different definitions of the fields available.

Title: Title of your Blog

Website URL: (Example

Homepage Post Limit: Adjusts the number of posts that display on your Blog page before starting page 2

Time Zone:  Choose your time zone from the drop down menu

Contact Information: Allows you to update contact information that will display on your Blog.  Completing this section isn’t necessary for most website Blogs. DocShop® Blog users should complete this section, however.

*Note: If you change/update any field you will need to scroll down and click the ‘Update’ button. This is a common functionality throughout this software. Anytime you make a change to a field, you will need to scroll down and click the ‘Update’ or ‘Create’ button.

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