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A Refreshed and Rejuvenated New Web Site

David W. Tidd of Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley is serious about supporting his clients through a time that is often considered one of the most difficult. Although bankruptcy is often misconceived, bankruptcy attorney and family law expert David Tidd will guide you toward understanding that bankruptcy laws exist to protect you and give you the tools you need to survive and thrive. When David Tidd came to Einstein Law, he hoped to create a website that could educated those struggling through financial instability and arm them with information about their options. From the beginning of the production process, it was clear how dedicated to quality and client satisfaction Attorney David W. Tidd was.

David Tidd has the experience, knowledge, and resources necessary to bring his clients peace of mind and a second chance at financial security. The clean and practical design chosen for www.davidtiddlaw.com represents the clarity and straightforwardness with which David Tidd approaches each of his valuable cases. Each slideshow image on the homepage tells a story about the experience involved with divorce, child custody and support cases, and bankruptcy. Well-balanced with priceless information and emotional reassurance, David Tidd's new site is an excellent representation of the security you will feel after seeking his help.

At the Law Offices of David W. Tidd, it's believed that anyone who seeks help deserves the highest quality guidance and advice. If you're struggling with bankruptcy or a family law matter, David Tidd can be reached on his website or at 610-838-8700.