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Upchurch Law Announces Launch of New Website

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Success in navigating the intricacies of elder law calls for the help of an experienced hand. Aided by a newly launched website, Upchurch Law is making it possible for web users to quickly find answers to their questions and concerns, and easily obtain information on the firms available services all at the tips of their fingers.

Serving Central and Northern Florida, Thomas Upchurch has years of experience and proven success in a number of elder law areas including probate, estate planning, guardianship, will contest, Medicaid qualification, and Veterans Administration (VA) benefits. As an accredited VA elder attorney, Thomas Upchurch specializes in a strategic assessment of eligibility for pension benefits while keeping complications, such as qualifications for Medicaid in the future, in mind.

As predatory actions and fraud against the elderly become increasingly common, it is even more important for family members and caregivers to take the appropriate legal action in protecting their loved ones rights. Oftentimes clients are unaware anything illegal has even occurred, but Upchurch Law is trained in observing subtle cues.

By combining unparalleled knowledge of the legal system with a genuine desire to help clients in their time of need, Upchurch Law cultivates the type of comforting atmosphere elder law calls for. Caring for an elderly family member is an already stressful task, and when combined with legal complications, can seem utterly overwhelming. By enlisting the services of Upchurch Law, you can rest assured your best interests are in practiced hands and focus on what really matters family and moving forward.

Planning for the future starts today. Whether you are looking to outline a will, need advice on estate planning, or are thinking about filing a will contest, Upchurch Law can help. For a complete list of services or to schedule a consultation, visit the firms new website today.