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How to Leverage Social Media for the AAJ 2016 Annual Convention

Einstein Law created this consolidated social media dashboard to help you participate in and follow the American Association of Justice's 2016 Annual Convention taking place in Los Angeles... whether you attend or not.

Get Social Before, During, and After

Social media can be overwhelming but, with a little direction, lawyers can tap into these powerful networking tools. Consider these simple activities that enhance the value of your attendance (or non-attendance) at pivotal industry events:

LISTEN: Monitor the event organizer, speakers, and exhibitors' social media channels to get a read on the news and commentary likely to be top of mind at the event.

  • Are any of these groups saying something that aligns well with your firm?
  • Is there a specific speaker or organization that you want to build a deeper relationship with at the event?
  • Were you unaware of a specific topic that is "so hot" right now?
  • What are your thoughts on the American Association of Justice's stance on the budget process:

ENGAGE: Leverage the event and any related posts to enhance your social authority. For example, Kazan Law is sending Joseph Satterly to the Convention to participate in the "Asbestos Litigation Group CLE Program" (see searchable AAJ 2016 Annual Convention schedule).

Whether you plan to attend this session or not, if asbestos litigation is in your wheelhouse you should share, like, and/or comment on posts by this influential law firm to boost your own social reach. Check out the following tweet announcing the firm's new mesothelioma article. This is a softball for those seeking to engage with speakers!

CONNECT: Some lawyers and law firms provide more than news on their feeds, they provide opinion and commentary as well. These types of social media accounts are gems because individuals can truly reach across the digital divide to develop real relationships. For example, Douglas Hicks Law is sending Carl Douglas to the Convention to participate in the "Civil Rights Section/Police Misconduct Litigation Group CLE Program" (see searchable AAJ 2016 Annual Convention schedule).

Fortunately for attendees and non-attendees, Mr. Douglas is open with his views on his popular Twitter account @CEDEsq. This recent interview gives a peek into Mr. Douglas' views. Hoping to develop a real-life relationship with this industry leader? Start by engaging with his posts on Twitter, follow with a genuine introduction at the AAJ Annual Convention. If you've been following his page, you'll have plenty to talk about.

Now this all sounds great, but navigating the avalanche of information on social media can be annoying to say the least. This is why you will appreciate the following curated Twitter feeds made just for this event:

We Took the Work Out of Social Media

Einstein Law monitors news & commentary related to the AAJ 2016 Annual Convention across various social media and news channels. We then share the most relevant posts through our @Einstein_AAJ Twitter feed to create a central news source for the event.

We also created a public Twitter list composed of AAJ 2016 speakers who are active on Twitter. Both of these LIVE news feeds are embedded below and will help you stay current on this popular industry event.

  1. Bookmark this page so you can quickly find it again
  2. See below for two live Twitter news feeds
  3. Scroll within the live Twitter feeds to view more posts...check back often, these feeds are constantly updating
  4. Interact with Twitter posts directly from these feeds (Twitter account required to reply, share, and like posts. How to Set-Up a Twitter Account)

Einstein Law's AAJ 2016 Annual Convention Event News Feed

Stay tuned to this feed before, during, and after the event. Check back often, this feed is constantly updated.

AAJ 2016 Annual Convention Speaker News Feed

This feed includes posts by AAJ 2016 Annual Convention speakers and/or their firms. Check back often, this feed is constantly updated.

AAJ 2016 Annual Convention Resources

Going to the AAJ 2016 Annual Convention? Stop by Einstein Law's booth #415 to discuss strategies to grow your practice. Hope to see you there!