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Introducing Monarch

In the third quarter of 2016, Einstein Law helped eight practices launch new sites designed to provide an amazing user experience on any device. A year ago, we were scrambling to make our sites mobile-friendly. Now, we have found our pace within this new norm, and we continue making strides to stay ahead in the race for the best possible user experience.

Last quarter, we introduced Plaza and Acclaim, two new themes in the Thesis family. These game-changing designs marked an important milestone in the migration from a “desktop first” philosophy to one of “mobile first.” Put simply, the foundation of these sites is a layout that makes it easy to read, navigate, and interact when using a tablet, smartphone, or mobile gaming device. They also automatically filter out any excessive image resolution and other elements that can slow load times. In the third quarter of 2016, we introduced Monarch, a Thesis theme that provides the same mobile-first features, but with different opportunities for clients to incorporate their branding.

In terms of aesthetics, Monarch is a significant departure from the Plaza and Acclaim themes. Monarch uses dark, rich colors combined with branding parameters that evoke a regal atmosphere. Bold headlines stand against backgrounds with artful texturing that looks like velvet. The practice logo appears to hang from the top of the page like a banner.

The Hawkins Law Group’s new site incorporates the Catalina color scheme into the Monarch theme. This option uses a royal blue foundation that provides an attractive complement to the beautiful image of the Atlanta skyline that lays behind the logo and headline at the top of the page. Meanwhile, attractive gold accents offset the color scheme to add prominence to headlines, images, and contact opportunities.

Einstein Law is excited to be entering a new era of online marketing with website templates that are equally attractive and efficient. Stay tuned for many more Thesis offerings designed to provide users with an outstanding experience built upon a simple, yet attractive design crafted to inform, persuade, and convert. For now, we invite you to take a moment to explore our latest site launches, which are fully equipped to deliver their messages anywhere a user happens to be.


Client: Bennett Johnson, LLP  

Website URL: http://www.bennettjohnsonlaw.com

CMS Lucid: Monarch  


Client: Cardon Law

Website URL: http://www.cardonlaw.net

CMS Lucid: Acclaim / Redwood


Client: The Hawkins Law Group  

Website URL: http://www.attorneyshellyhawkins.com/

CMS Lucid: Monarch / Catalina


Client: Charles Hoge  

Website URL: http://www.hogelaw.com/

CMS Lucid: Acclaim / Redwood


Client: Tipp & Buley, PC  

Website URL: http://www.tcsattorneys.com

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Azurite


Client: Michael P. Verna / Bowles & Verna LLP  

Website URL: http://www.bowlesverna.com

CMS Lucid: Plaza / Brass


Client: Karen S. Brown / Law Office of Karen S. Brown Attorney at Law  

Website URL: http://www.ksbfamlaw.com

CMS Lucid: Luminesse / Citrine


Client: Shore, McKinley & Conger, LLP  

Website URL: http://www.smcslaw.com