Frequently Asked Questions

What keywords should I use?
Your keywords should be a combination of your specialty and location. For example, If you are a dentist in San Diego your keywords should be 'Cosmetic Dentistry San Diego'. See Posts for more details.

How do I create a new post?
See Posts in the Blog user guide.

How often should I Blog?
Blogging on your website decreases the time your site goes without change. It is important to keep that duration as short as possible because the longer your site goes without change; the lower your positioning will be in Google.

What should I Blog about?
Your Blog page can be used for formal or informal information. While the website is generally confined to a professional delivery of educational material, your Blog can be less formal and display more of the personality of the practice.

How long should Blog post be?
An optimized Blog post written by will be upwards of 500 words and include inline images and headings. We adhere to these standards because every Blog post you create in effect adds a page to your website. An optimized Blog post serves as an optimized page of your website that will contribute to the website’s performance on search engines such as Google.

What is Frontend Domain for?
This determines which website will be viewed when you click Update and Preview within the post. If the most current version of your website isn’t displayed, please select it from the drop down menu.

What’s the difference between the HTML Page Title and the Post Title?
The html page title is what is displayed at the very top of your web browser. In Firefox it is a blue bar that spans the width of the monitor. The HTML page title has significant SEO value and should include appropriate key terms.

What should I put in the Summary field?
 This is what will be initially displayed on your Blog page along with the Post Title. Enter a brief, one or two sentence description of the Blog post.  There is a character limit of 1000 but the actual limit can be a bit lower than 1000 so if you are getting close to that character limit then please consider revising your summary. Keep in mind that today people are scanning websites more than reading them and this field offers your potential patients/clients something to scan. Being too wordy here may put some people off. The toolbar offers standard formatting and the ability to insert a picture but we suggest you use plain text with no images for this field.  Notice how Firefox highlights the words that are either misspelled or not in your browser’s dictionary with a red wavy underline. Right click to correct the word or add it to the dictionary.

What are tags used for and why is it important to have them?
Tags or key terms have two purposes. The first is to help Google know what you Blog post is about. The second is to allow your readers to filter or sort through your Blog to only show posts with that key term. Key terms are an important step in getting your Blog post found in the search engines. Please use three to five key terms that can also be found in the content of your post. Keep in mind that the strength of each key term is diminished by the number of key terms.

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